Opening Up To Digital Diversity

In a year that has been particularly difficult for those in the LGBTQIA+ community it has been an important personal goal that I do something for the positive representation for queer gaming. And thus in March 2018 Digital Diversity was launched as a way to get games made by queer creators out there and let their developers talk about them in their own words.

Over the year I’ve been fortunate enough to have some utterly wonderful developers spare some time to talk to me about their amazing work and in the process gotten out reviews and interviews for eleven games in eight months, more than I could have ever hoped for.

So to thank all the great people who have worked so hard to make the games that I have loved here, in chronological order, are the games I’ve gotten to feature on Digital Diversity in its opening year. Go check them out, throw some support the creators’ way, and be part of the Digital Diversity!

The Trans Zone – by Pewka Pew

The first game I got to feature; The Trans Zone is a journey through transitioning in a in a quest to become your true self.  Talk to people about their journeys, collect the hormones you need to transition, and lose yourself in an unreal world.

That Boy Is A Monstr – By Sav Ferguson

Being trans and doing online dating is never an easy challenge. There’s misunderstanding, deliberate hostility, and a lot of strangeness to overcome. But sometimes it can lead to something great. Such is the story of That Boy Is A Monstr.

The Games of Nadia Nova


Nadia Nova makes adorable games full of queer themes, adorable characters and cute AF dragons. They are projects of love and passion that fill you with joy and make you want to play them again.

Rainbow Cafe – By Alayna M Cole & Dakoda Barker

An RPG-Maker game filled with the experiences of people from all over the LGBTQIA+ community the Rainbow Cafe is somewhere you can go when you don’t want to feel alone. Grab yourself a coffee and make a chat with friendly folks.

All Walls Must Fall – By InBetweenGames

Fight and flirt your way through an alternate cold-war reality as you seek to prevent the nuclear apocalypse! Queer cyberpunk goodness with a big beary cyborg protagonist.

Escape From Pleasure Planet – by Up Multimedia

Wonderfully silly and hedonistic Escape From Pleasure Planet is a point and click adventure with a lot of lovely gay men, weird goings on, and tons of positivity. If you like your games bright, colourful and gay, check this one out.

Keep It Together – By Fenreliania

Social anxieties are a bitch, even more-so when you are a colony of rats in a trench-coat. A game that’s part learning experience for communication, part dexterity challenge Keep It Together is just the right kind of stressful.

Secret Little Haven – By Victoria Rose

All about anime fandom, coming out, gender and internet nostalgia Secret Little Haven is a game built in its own operating system. With mini-games, chat rooms and websites. A gorgeous insight into coming out as trans in the 90s.

Shrinking Pains – By Gabriella (Ella) Lowgren


Harsh but beautiful Shrinking Pain takes a look at eating disorders from a personal perspective. Dealing with others, with self-monologue and with the world around them Shrinking Pains is a short but powerful experience.

HARDCODED – By Fortunae Virgo (Adult only, NSFW)

Love, sex, kink, passion, cyberpunk and intense. Hardcoded is part visual novel, part porn game, and part mission of discovery. Easily one of my favourite games of the year and getting better as the development cycle goes.



Queer as fuck, meaty, full of fantastic stories. EXTREME MEATPUNKS FOREVER is a visual novel about fighting fascists, mechs made of meat, and fearing the sun. The first season was an intense experience that I fell in love with immediately. The soundtrack is also one of my favourite albums of the year.

Digital Diversity will return in the new year with new games, new interviews and with even greater levels of queerness. Until then, keep playing games, keep looking out for each other and support the developers of these incredible experiences!
If you are an LGBTQIA+ game developer and would be up for having your game reviewed and being interviewed in the new year drop me a line at Twitter.

Want to support the Digital Diversity project? Buy us a Ko-Fi

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