Queerly Represent Me (Queer Gaming):

G.A.Y.A – Where Can Queer Games Thrive?

G.A.Y.A – Missing The Mark: Gender Identity & Video Games

G.A.Y.A – Twine, Ren’Py, and Bitsy – Oh My! What game engines are queer folks using to tell their stories?

G.A.Y.A – Normal Does Not Equal Erasure

G.A.Y.A – Monster Love

One-Off/Personal Blogs:

Looking Back and Looking Forward

Hellblade: What it is and why it affected me so much

GeekGirlAuthoriy (Pop-culture/literary):

7 Spec-Fic Stories To Enjoy Over Spring Break

Almighty Women: Indomitable Goddesses

The Ways We Read: Books Are Still Books

Big Stories, Small Bites: Profound Short Stories

Little Utopias – Worlds We Build For Ourselves

Fictional Tyrants: The Good, The Bad, The Utterly Insane

BurnBright (Pop-culture/literary):

Jamie’s Top Reads 2015

Jamie’s Adventures in Japan #2: Tokyo

Jamie’s Adventures in Japan #1

Jamie Says: The Friendly Dead

Jamie’s Tips for Dating an Evil Genius

Jamie Thinks: End of Days—An Apocalypse Survival Guide

Jamie Thinks: Gonzo

Cyberpunk 101

The Talented Terry Pratchett

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