Digital Diversity

Digital Diversity is a review project for games made by the LGBTQIA+ community. This community is often lacking it positive publicity or media outlets prepared to discuss their work; that is where Digital Diversity comes in.

The games below are ones that have either been streamed on the Twitch channel, or have played personally and feel positively represent the queer community. They are not specifically games about queer characters or focus on queer themes, instead they were made by incredible members of the community who deserve attention for their work.

[CW: Reviews and interviews on this site contain NSFW language, discussions on sexual & gender themes,  possible mention of transphobia & homophobia, and are queer AF.]

Are you an LGBTQIA+ game developer who would like their game streamed and/or reviewed? Let me know!

Want to play these games for yourself? Well if they are on Itch.Io here’s a collected list of each game on my list that I’ve either played/reviewed or intend to soon!

Podcast episodes are linked here!

The Trans Zone – by Pewka Pew

That Boy Is A Monstr – By Sav Ferguson

The Games of Nadia Nova

Rainbow Cafe – By Alayna M Cole & Dakoda Barker

All Walls Must Fall – By InBetweenGames

Escape From Pleasure Planet – by Up Multimedia

Keep It Together – By Fenreliania

Secret Little Haven – By Victoria Rose

Shrinking Pains – By Gabriella (Ella) Lowgren

HARDCODED – By Fortunae Virgo (Adult only, NSFW)


KNIFE SISTERS – BY Trancenders Media

Love on the Peacock Express

Yearning: A Gay Story – by Bob Conway

Robo-Tea:1cup – by Josie Robo

When Aster Falls – by Madi 

The Hazel Series – by Pc0hidq

Acetylene – by Alison Huang

Gigolo Sim (18+) – by TheLastYuriSamurai

When The Night Comes – by GamesLunaris

Player Known Battlegrounds – by Steven Harmon & Atsina Corrington

TODO:TODAY – by Boys Laugh +

Parsnip – by Poppy

Gay Monster Kiss Club (explicit) – by GenderVamp

Other resources for learning about games made by or representing the LGBTQIA+ community include:

Queerly Represent Me

Sav Ferguson’s article on Gender Diverse Game Developers