Games & Fiction


Below is a list of my published games and writing:

They Live Here Now

Kaiju NoirPresskit


Echoes of Life (2009) – Published online by Vagabond Press

A young woman goes out on the town and discovers an entity that watches over all.


Red, Blue, Gree (2009) – Published in magazine print by/in Title Goes Here; Issue 1 (Out of print)

Love is a different thing for an android gone rogue.

Anthology of Ichor - Devil in the details

Mystery Meat (2010) – Published in the Anthology of Ichor – A Devil in the Details by UnEarthed Press

A pair of jaded detectives attempt to solve a gruesome murder in a world where police have almost no rights.

imagesA Mind of its Own (2010) – Published in magazine print by/in Title goes here; Issue 5  (Out of print)

New to cyberisation a successful prop designer tries to come to terms with his newfound communication abilities.


Drillbit Sally (2010) – Cover art for Title Goes Here; Issue 5

Terminal Earth

End of Dave (2010) – Published in the Terminal Earth anthology by PoundLitPress (Won the Preditiors & Editors 2010 Anthology of the year)

“”The End of Dave,” by Jamie Marriage, isn’t cause for anxiety–it’s just another corporate restructuring, though this one is a little more comprehensive than most. If you’re quick on your feet, you might just end up running the whole firm. A lighthearted tale, in the spirit of Douglas Adams and Terry Pratchett. ” (Lyn Perry – ResAliens)

“You could be forgiven for thinking that this story deals with the closure of the popular freeview and sky digital TV channel but worry not, it’s only about a big “corporate restructure”. Very much in the theme of Douglas Adams, this is the real comedy moment of the book, it will make you laugh out loud more than once. ” (Michael Stewart – SFBookReviews)

images (1)

Have Brains; Will Travel (2011) – Published online by/in Title Goes Here; Web Edition 1.10

Drug addicted and in danger of dismissal and police action, our protagonist is tasked to smuggle micro-machines into another country before they activate and consume his brain.

Daily Flash 2012

Aftermath (2011) Published in the 2012 Daily Flash anthology by Pill Hill Press

A close up perspective of a group of survivors in post-impact Sydney. A tribute to my home city.

Flicker (2012) – Published in Collective Fallout’s Volume IV Anthology

A snatch and grab that was never going to be simple. A joke that had already claimed one life.


In Space, No-One Can Hear You Pillage (2013) – Published in Bete Noire Issue #10

When space pirates attack it’s up to the ship’s medic to save the day.

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