Queer It Up Streams

Below is a comprehensive list of games featured on my Queer It Up streams. These games are either made by LGBTQ+ developers or positively represent the queer community.

Game Developer Twitter Link
The Trans Zone Glamow @PewkaPew @YoShellshell https://glamow.itch.io/the-trans-zone
Tusks: The Orc Dating Sim Mitch Alexander @HYPARC https://mitzialexander.itch.io
That boy is a monstr Sav Ferguson @TimesNTroubles http://www.philome.la/TimesNTroubles/that-boy-is-a-monstr
Read Only Memories MidBoss @ROMadventure https://readonlymemori.es/
MidBoss Kitsune Games @KitsuneGamesCom https://MidBoss.net
Amygdala MachineSpirit @acegiak http://amygdala.machinespirit.net/
Able Mable Gets A Job / HawkEyeQuandaries ReVentureGames @reventuregames http://reventure.games/
Keep It Together Fenreliania @Fenreliania https://fenreliania.itch.io/keep-it-together
Tiny Attack TinyBird Games @tinybirdgames https://www.patreon.com/tinybirdgames
Escape from Pleasure Planet Luke Miller @dodgyville http://store.steampowered.com/app/504410/Escape_from_Pleasure_Planet/
Cute Crate Candice Stone @CaidenceStone https://caidence.itch.io/
Mallow Drops Gritfish @gritfish http://www.mallowdrops.com/
All Walls Must Fall inbetweengames @inbetweengames http://ks.allwallsmustfall.com/
Rainbow Cafe AlaynaMCole @AlaynaMCole https://alaynamcole.itch.io/rainbow-cafe
Lady killer in a bind Christine Love @christinelove http://ladykillerinabind.com/
SNAFU @algo_anthill anthill.vesperman.id.au/snafu/
Why is this dragon so fucking cute Nadia Nova @littanana http://littanana.itch.io/