Young Adult:

Allison Hewitt is Trapped – by Madeline Roux

Chasers – by James Phelan

Ship Breaker – by Paolo Bacigalupi

Going Bovine – by Libba Bray

Killing Honour – by Bali Rai

Shelter – by Harlan Coben

The Thief-Taker’s Apprentice – by Stephen Deas

Trash – by Andy Mulligan

I Shall Wear Midnight – by Terry Pratchett

The Eternal Blood – Edited by Trisha Telep


A Shattered Empire – by Mitchell Hogan

Who’s Afraid? – by Maria Lewis

The Tau Ceti Diversion – by Chris McMahon

Bukkake Brawl – by Made in DNA

Warriors of Vhast: Intimations of Evil – by Cary J Lenehan

A Crucible of Souls – by Mitchell Hogan

The Pierre Jr Trilogy – by David Henley

AbductiCon – by Alma Alexander

Peripheral – by William Gibson

The Age of Heroes – by Scott Robinson

Trigger Warning – by Neil Gaiman

The Abyss Beyond Dreams – by Peter Hamilton

Horizon – by Keith Stevenson

Wolves – by Simon Ings

The Quarry – by Iain Banks

The Killer Wore Leather – by Laura Antoniou

Existence – by David Brin

Love is Strange – by Bruce Sterling

Fade to Black – by Francis Knight

Bitter Seeds – by Ian Tregillis

Snuff – By Terry Pratchett

Path of Night – by Dirk Flinthart

Shaman – by Kim Stanley Robinson

The Brightest Light – by Scott J. Robinson

Heaven is a Place on Earth – by Graham Storrs

Bound – by Alan Baxter


The Fictional Woman – by Tara Moss

The Art of Asking – by Amanda Palmer

No Safewords – Edited by Laura Antoniou

Carry a Big Stick – by Tim Ferguson


Dirk Flinthart – Author of Path of Night

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