Review: The Killer Wore Leather – By Laura Antoniou

Backstabbing, sabotage, punishment, betrayal, and the contest hasn’t even started yet. The Killer Wore Leather, the new murder mystery novel by well-known BDSM erotica writer Laura Antoniou, takes place in the frantic and dramatic world of Mr. and Ms. Global Leather (and Bootblack). ¬†An international competition to determine which individuals amongst the fetish world are…

The last stand is the hardest

Realising just how close I am to my goal of having ten pieces of short fiction out there is spurring me forward. The plan is a pretty simple one: ten pieces of short fiction, then a collection of short stories, then the novel. So far I’ve got all but one part of phase one complete….

Review: Existence by David Brin

After a bit of downtime it was time to roll out another review. This time for Existence by David Brin. I really loved this one, complex and deranged and all so much fun. Read the review and then read the damn book, it’s worth it.