Hacking Out Of Binary: One Year On HRT

Date: 14th May 2019 Subject: 31 Year Old Aporagender Non-Binary Human Event: One Year On HRT A year is a long time when you’re focused on changing who you are. A year ago I started this journey with a vague notion of what I was doing; old hormones out, new hormones in, results may vary….

Opening Up To Digital Diversity

In a year that has been particularly difficult for those in the LGBTQIA+ community it has been an important personal goal that I do something for the positive representation for queer gaming. And thus in March 2018 Digital Diversity was launched as a way to get games made by queer creators out there and let…

Digital Diversity: Shrinking Pains

Content Warning: this interview contains references to eating disorders and mental health/illness Kaiju: Today I am talking to Gabriella (Ella) Lowgren about their visual novel Shrinking Pains. A narrative game created during Global Game Jam exploring anorexia from a semi-autobiographical perspective. Ella, please tell me about yourself and describe Shrinking Pains in your own words….